Betbubbles Sports Betting Website

Betbubbles Sports Betting Website

Welcome to our Betbubbles Odds website.  We are big fans of the UFC and of course to we love to bet on the fights.  This website will have the most up to date information on betting details for each up coming and announced UFC event, including of course the UFC event betting odds.  We have been long time winners in our UFC betting, and will often give out our UFC betting sites when posting the UFC odds.

If you are new to betting on the UFC and not sure what the UFC odds mean at the sports betting sites I will break it down for you.  The UFC odds will be displayed in an American odds format that contains either a + or a sign and a three digit number.  If the UFC fighters odds of winning were listed as -205 this means it would take a $205 bet to pay out $100.  If you do the math on this, a $100 bet would payout about $49 (plus of course your original $100 bet back for a total of $149).  Now if the UFC fighters odds had a plus in front of them and looked liked this +200, they are the underdog.  +200 odds means that for every $100 bet you would win $200 (plus the $100 back that you bet for a total of $300).  Although it is always good to have a general idea on how to read UFC odds to make things easier, the sportsbooks allow you type in the bet before placing it to see how much money it would pay.

Example of UFC odds:

Matt Hughes -260 ($100 bet pays out a total of $138)
vs Matt Serra +200 ($100 bet pays out a total of $300)

Odds for the UFC events can change leading up to the fights, but the odds usually dont change too drastically.  UFC odds can be listed 2-3 months prior to the event if the fights have been named and confirmed.  When betting on UFC fights I often look for fights with good odds, or an advantage for the bettor.  Checking the odds every couple days helps as sometimes the line moves enough that you can get good odds on a certain UFC fight.

Soon on this UFC Odds website we will list full reviews of all the online betting sites people can place bets on the UFC at, as well as country specific information on UFC betting and odds.  We will also list each UFC events odds, as well as predictions on the fights, and taking advantage of good sportsbook odds.  Bookmark this UFC odds site and check back regularly for the most up to date UFC odds.